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Big-firm experience, small-town fees

I began the practice of law over 35 years ago in Pittsburgh at what was then known as Buchanan, Ingersoll, Rodewald, Kyle & Buerger, one of the city's largest and most prestigious law firms. From there I joined a leveraged buyout firm as its in-house counsel. I now practice as I envisioned I would when I first went to law school: as a solo practitioner in Franklin, in rural northwestern Pennsylvania, where my family has lived for generations.

Legal services are not cheap. But my small-town, small-firm overhead does allow me to charge an hourly rate that is lower than what many big-city firms charge for attorneys just out of law school. You can have your work done at a big firm at a high hourly rate by an associate with only a few years experience, or you can have your work done in Franklin by an attorney with over 35 years' experience—including big-firm experience—at a more affordable, small-town rate.